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Unique Fun Plastic Gift Boxes - What Are Your Options?

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You can readily surprise your kids with some unique plastic gift boxes. Not only will this help them easily keep their belongings, but also adds a lot of fun as these unique gift boxes can actually be attractive toys. You have a number of options when it comes to buying such cute things. It is a good idea to have more information about all these so that you can make the right decision.

The Rubik's cube countertop display cases come in assorted bright colors or you can determine your own custom Pantone colors. They perfectly suit for packaging and displaying smart watches. Each case is rotatable and can be assembled of varied colors. Also, they can be beautifully printed with your brand names and product information. You can choose different color assortment to help sort out watches. Furthermore, these cases are designed to be linkable and form DIY combinations and shapes of multiple storage units. This is great fun for both kids and adults and there is no limit to the shapes and storage units that can be built. They are beautiful, cute and creative. Either boys or girls or adults will totally love the charm of such smart watch cases.

Rubik's cube countertop display cases

Hexagon plastic candy boxes work in a similar way. But their hexagonal shapes make them possible to create hive-style multiple storage cabinets. You can use them either for candies or watches or other little gadgets. Another similar item is DIY stackable watch containers

3-inch Easter eggs candy box may be used for Easter eggs or regular gifting packaging. They are crystal clear and shinning bright. When packed with colorful candies inside, they would just look superb! All kids will love them. There are two other equally cute egg boxes readily available: egg-shaped Easter chocolate boxes and Dinosaur Egg (squatted egg) watch display holder.

Plastic cases with foam inserts for watch storage

Besides, there are waterproof watch boxes for men or kids. They are made of wearable and sturdy plastic ABS, with a water resistance grade of IP67. Whether you need to work or play outdoors, such boxes will come to use and let you free from worry about your beloved gadgets being spoiled by the tough conditions. Currently two sizes available of such cases, the jumbo size (158*123*102mm) and the smaller one (110*90*76mm).

Small waterproof watch cases

Of course, still more novel plastic gift boxes are readily available and they are not limited to for watch or candy packaging. You may also consider opting for personalized cardboard gift boxes made from all paper and cardboard. These require relatively smaller starting quantities and lower setup costs. They may come decorated and ornamentations can be readily added. But be sure to order these plastic gift boxes wholesale. We’re the manufacturer and do not offer them retail so far. Thus, literally this article is meant for wholesalers and business buyers.

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